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Q What is the ?
A The is a virtual Adressbook. You can enter all information about your family and your friends. It will also remind you of their birthday, by displaying it on a calendar.

Q Why do I need a virtual Address book?
A Because it's 100% safe. You will never loose your addresses again. You will also notice how easy and fast it is to update the addresses or other information. You will also be able to use the as Organizer by creating "Events" for you calendar. Another great aspect of the is that you will never forget any birthday again. Finally you can check your addresses/birthdays/events all around the world only with an internetconnection.

Q Who will guaranty that my addresses are safe at your servers?
A Our servers are hosted by OVH (French). Every day a backup is made from the 's database, where all your addresses will be saved. The entire site is hosted on a NetApp F740 Fileserver-System which is a "robust, field-proven and highly available solution (>99.99% data availability)"

Q What about my privacy?
A You are connected through the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol when accessing your addresses on our servers. (We have "SSL 3.0, RC4 with 128 bit encryption (Security: High)"). Also psbase.com will never give any information to third part companies. Your privacy is very important to us.

Q What does it costs?
A Nothing of course! is free. But you can make a donation through PayPal (1$ for example), or support us by visiting one of our affiliated websites. (Banner on top of the site).

Q How do I sign up?
A Click here.

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